Making Local Government Accountable

Do you avoid getting involved in local politics because you feel like David against the Goliath of larger or more vocal groups? Do you feel there’s nothing you can do in any measure to clean up the mess that has become our political system…whether on a federal, state, or local level?

Not so, says today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, Paul Dorr. Dorr is a Christian political activist who targets local governments through his firm Copperhead Consulting Services, which was designed to assist citizens in rolling back the cost and spending patterns of their local government.

If you read any of the writings of Greek philosophers, you’ll easy recognize that our governments today are models of what these philosophers thought the perfect style of rule – the rabble controlled by the governing elite. Instead of the American worldview of public servants, our public servants have instead risen in an attempt to become our public masters. Outrageous taxation, collapsing real estate valuations, defaulting on bonds, and indefensible pension plans are the legacies of these local government boards that feel only they have the knowledge and ability to run our lives in any way they see fit. And if you oppose them, then you’re obviously a rabble rouser and malcontent. All you should be doing is sitting down, shutting up, and paying whatever these elected officials tell you to.

Dorr’s experience in financial matters is unparalleled. He owned a bank and worked in the financial industry until convicted by God over the issue of fiat money and the deception behind it. Today he works with communities to bring fiscal sanity back into the governing process. If you ever thought about fighting rampant political corruption in your community, then it’ll be worth your while to join us on Off the Grid Radio today as Paul Dorr explains how to make local governments more accountable to the electorate.


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