Why You Should Prepare

Always be prepared–it’s the motto of scouts and preppers alike, and it’s a good belief to have. You prepared for tests as a kid and college student, right? You prepared for your last job interview. You prepare for anything that’s important–and what’s more important than the safety of your family?

Preparedness is more than just stocking food supplies or gathering guns in case of an emergency; preparedness is a mindset you must cultivate. Even more than a solar generator or perfect survival knife, knowledge and planning are the two best tools you can have.

What would you do in the case of a natural disaster? A terrorist attack? A riot or other uprising? While these might seem far-fetched and far away to you in Perfect Little Town, USA, all of these things have happened in the United States before–some more frequently than others. Are you prepared?

Take time to read today’s lead article on the psychology of preparedness. It’s a good place to start as you start developing your knowledge and plans. For those of you who feel like you’ve got your plan together, we’ve also got articles on making your own hygiene products and choosing body armor and weapons for defense.


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