Gore Urges “Nerd Spring” to Push More Government and Democracy

Kurt Nimmo | Man-made carbon theory advocate calls for more social media activism.


Department Of Justice Wants Court To Keep Google/NSA Partnership Secret

Steve Watson | Court hearing scheduled for next week in ongoing effort by privacy group to expose details of working relationship.


‘Syria Danny’ Tours US Begging For Military Intervention

Paul Joseph Watson | Who is paying for Dayem’s propaganda?


CIA’s al-Qaeda “LAX Bomber” to Get Longer Sentence After Cooperating with Feds

Kurt Nimmo | Ahmed Ressam trained at al-Qaeda camp for CIA op in Bosnia.


Number of Troops to be Deployed in London Outnumbers Those in Afghanistan

London Guardian | London 2012 will see the UK’s biggest mobilisation of military and security forces since the second world war and the effects will linger long after the athletes have left.

Global Activism is Taking Down the Toxic Corporate Food Industry

Anthony Gucciardi | The foundation of the international food industry, monopolized by large corporations that hold zero regard for your health, is cracking.


Absurd doctor says feeding babies raw milk is ‘child endangerment’

Natural News | Infers that mothers who feed their babies raw milk are abusing their children.

An Administration Gone Rogue

Ron Paul | Have certain parts of the Constitution become irrelevant, as a former Republican leader once told me at a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing?


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