Forget environmental concerns and glow-in-the-dark babies.

It reads like something out of a Stephen King horror novel–elitists, corporate agents, and government operatives secretly implementing fertility-control methods, decimating populations of people in a nefarious program that would make Margaret Sanger, a leader of the eugenics movement and founder of Planned Parenthood, proud.

Forget environmental concerns and glow-in-the-dark babies. In fact, forget babies altogether. You don’t have to worry about passing along any mutations to your kids because your chances of having them have been compromised. In fact, that’s the goal–to reduce your numbers.

How you ask?

Would you believe me if I said… corn?

And not just any corn.

GMO corn.

According to F.W. Engdahl, an American-German freelance journalist, historian, and economic researcher, one long-standing project of the U.S. government has been to perfect a genetically-modified strand of corn. This variety of corn was field-tested over ten years ago, and according to the president of the small bio-tech firm in charge of that project…

“We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.”
Taking antibodies from women with a rare condition known as “immune infertility” and isolating the genes that regulated the manufacture of those antibodies, they inserted them into the corn plants, creating, in essence, a biological weapon for population control.

And who was helping to finance this endeavor? The Gates’ Foundation (which includes the Buffet Foundation) and the Rockefeller Foundation, through a project called The Alliance for a Green Revolution, headed by none other than former U.N. Chief, Kofi Annan. Major GMO agri-businesses are reported to be at the heart of AGRA, using it to spread their GMO technology throughout the Third World. According to Engdahl, “Gates and Buffet are major funders of global population reduction programs.” Included in this unholy alliance is Ted Turner, who thinks that a 95% reduction in global population to around 300 million would be “ideal.”

And remember, the Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in eugenics and genocide since it began funding the eugenics research in Germany in the 1920s and well into the Third Reich. (Seeds of Destruction, F.W. Engdahl.) The Rockefellers backed the forced sterilizations and racial purity ideology of Hitler’s Germany.

But how does a Third World program affect us in western civilization? More specifically, how does it affect us here, in the United States?

Shortly after the introduction of GMO corn into the U.S. in 1996, birth rates began falling. Since 1999, birth rates have plummeted even faster – just three years after GMO corn was introduced into the food supply.

GMOs, according to scientists interviewed for the film Science Under Attack, have been known to cause smaller brain size, lowered immunity, organ damage, and infertility in animals fed biotech food. Does this correspond to the 20% rate of infertility occurring in our population today? That’s a good question. Unfortunately, agri-giants and our government are suppressing the answers.

Since 2008, the U.S. government has opposed a national effort to label GMO foods. They upped the ante by trying to suppress GMO labeling anywhere in the world, by using Codex, the U.N. arm that seeks to regulate every food, mineral, and herb in the world used for consumption. However, this effort has stalled because Codex doesn’t look at GMO created products as “food.”

However, Codex does place these products into a special category that can be utilized in alternative applications. (Like birth control, maybe?)

Genetically engineered corn, soy, cottonseed oil, and canola oil are the most processed foods in the United States. These foods have NEVER been tested for safety in human consumption… even though animal studies show severe organ damage, spontaneous abortions, and sterility when consumed.

Take control of your fertility… your health… your life… by taking control of your own food supply. And that’s where heirloom seeds come into play.

Why heirloom seeds? Heirloom seeds are the way that God made them, naturally occurring, with no tampering or tinkering by human hands. (Choosing seed stock for vigor and growth is NOT the same as introducing foreign genetic material into the DNA of the plant.)

Heirloom Solutions supplies heirloom seeds cultivated through the careful stewardship of small, independent farmers who are holding the line against the inhumane and abusive practices of the agri-giants. These are the farmers that stand in the gap for those of us who realize that our survival depends on us, not the government.

Grow your own vegetables – nutrient dense, bursting with flavor, and naturally resistant to many of the diseases and parasites that plague genetically-modified crops today. But the benefits of gardening and growing your own food go far beyond the physical advantages of health and nutrition. Growing your own food and providing for your family’s needs reconnects you to life’s natural ebb and flow, the way that God intended.

Use Coupon Code GROW2012 to secure your seed stock for this year’s growing season! But remember this offer is ON-LINE ONLY and EXPIRES MONDAY, JUNE 4TH, AT MIDNIGHT!! Order now, while supplies last!

Heirloom Solutions has seed available in every category–from beans and cucumbers, to corn, lettuce, melons, peas, and on and on. These varieties have been hand-picked by Nick, Heirloom Solutions’ chief botanist, for their vigor, growth, and nutritional density. Not only will you harvest fresh food this year, you’ll be able to save seed to replant again next year. When you garden with heirlooms, never again will you have to rely on corporate agriculture.

I can hear many of you right now… “But it’s already June! Surely it’s too late to start a garden!”
Nope, not at all! Now is the PERFECT time to put that garden in, and your survival may depend on it! Forget the pretty flowers and ornamental shrubs. Use whatever dirt you have to grow food. And to help you get started, Heirloom Solutions is having a whopper of an on-line-only sale.

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Go to the website and order your seed. Then get that garden tiller out and prep those beds! Remember, this sale is only good for the next 48 hours, until midnight Monday, June 4th! Click here to order while supplies last!

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