The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Last week, the Union of the Unemployed registered on the radar screens of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Daily Caller, Human Events aka the John Birch Society, the Drudge Report, the Romantic Poet, Fox Business News and literally thousands of their fruitcake friends went bananas over the idea that UCubed would even try to organize the unemployed.

Their first question was “how much dues are they collecting?” Answer: NOT A DIME. The Union of Unemployed (UCubed) is a community service project of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and has been ever since its launch in January 2010.

Their second question was “why are they calling for a second Works Progress Administration?” Answer: 27.6 million jobless Americans need jobs. They want to work again. And a WPA 2.0 would let them jumpstart their working lives.

But what really got these zany zealots bouncing off the walls was the fact that the Union of Unemployed now has 102,000 Facebook fans and they have 26.9 million friends.

So here’s my question: What has the vast rightwing conspiracy done for the unemployed? The answer is: Kicked them when they were down, called them names like “hoboes,” “lazy” and “drug users,” cut their benefits, made them fill specimen jars, and sought to keep the jobless from voting.

To the GOP’s lunatic fringe, the idea that the unemployed are being organized into a powerful political force scares the living daylights out of them. And it should.

Having fought efforts to alleviate the pain jobless Americans have endured and having voted en masse against measures to put millions of jobless Americans back to work, the vast rightwing conspiracy now fears that their strategy could backfire.

The fear they feel is fully justified. Their depraved indifference towards their fellow Americans will carry a steep price in November


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