7 Surefire Ways To Burn The Belly Fat!


iStock 000000189252 3 300x200 7 Surefire Ways To Burn The Belly Fat!Summertime is right around the corner. Are you ready to shed some belly fat and get your midsection looking tighter and ever for the beach, bedroom, and everything in between? You’ve come to the right place. Check out these seven surefire ways to burn your belly fat.

Reduce your calories
First off, you have to eat fewer calories. If you have a little extra pudge on your midsection, then you probably already know that you’re consuming too many calories, right? So cut back! It doesn’t have to involve any major sacrifices. Drop the soda and candy, eat fewer carbs with each meal, and choose leaner meats over fatty cuts of beef and pork. Easy enough, right?

Bump up your fiber
Fiber does plenty of things to help keep your body healthy, but it also serves a great role in helping your body (especially the midsection) to look better. A few small salads before meals and a couple of pieces of fruit for snacks will deliver all the fiber you need to remove excess waste from your intestines, making your midsection smaller, tighter and leaner!

iStock 000003445286Medium 200x300 7 Surefire Ways To Burn The Belly Fat!Cardio upon waking
Immediately after waking in the morning, jump on your treadmill (or go for a walk) before consuming any calories. Even juice and fruit is forbidden until you have walked, run or stepped for your daily 25 minute regimen. Now you can enjoy a healthy breakfast, knowing that your body fat levels will soon be dropping.

Use supplements
Your local grocery store, nutritional chain, or online store will have a myriad of weight loss products. Give a few of them a whirl! You may be able to discover a single supplement, or combination of supplements, that helps you to lose that midsection fat.

Run an ECA cycle
If you’re looking for proven results, then you should give the ECA stack a try! This combination of 25 mg ephedine (available as Bronkaid), 200 mg caffeine, and 350 mg aspirin can be purchased at any grocery store or pharmacy. When used together, they lead to fat loss, elevated metabolism, reduced appetite, and a slight elevation in body temperature. Give ECA a shot – it works!

000000068933 300x199 7 Surefire Ways To Burn The Belly Fat!Crunches Daily
You should be climbing on the floor – upon waking, and before bed, and knocking out 100 to 150 crunches. Religiously. No exceptions. Got it? Build up the muscle and the shape will appear, giving you greater confidence as you work to burn that belly fat!

Get a tan!
Finally, get a tan (real or spray tan) to help bring our the shadows and three-dimensionality of your midsection. There’s a good reason bodybuilders and fitness/figure athletes tan before shows – it makes every muscle group look better!


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