Millions of blacks’ health insurance in danger PT2

Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court, holding up the individual mandate in ObamaCare, is the death knell for the American health care system as we know it. In a way however, it might be a mixed blessing. First, it’s uniting us as we haven’t been in a very long time. And second? 

It might just force us to really pay attention to our health, to treat our bodies with the respect these bodies deserve, and to do those things that will keep our bodies functioning properly.

In this century the western world seems to be afflicted with more and more diseases, many of them mysterious and with no apparent cause or cure. However, many of our illnesses can be linked back to genetically modified foods, to empty nutrition, and to foods devoid of nutrition. So many chemical reactions occur within our bodies, and if one chain reaction is off by the least little bit, it can set us up for cancers, autoimmune disorders, and a plethora of other diseases. 

Please join Bill Heid and Dr. Richard Olree, the doctor who fashioned the Standard Genetic Code Chart and who believes that the key to the biological role of all trace minerals has been available to science for decades, but nobody has realized it. Dr. Olree makes the connection between the physical, chemical and biological aspects of minerals and subatomic particles in the life process, and assignment is made of the specific mineral that governs each entry in the genetic code. This knowledge, based on peer-reviewed medical literature as well as research by forgotten innovators, suggests an end to the tyranny of pharmaceuticals.

Now that the government is in control of our health care, it behooves us to ensure that our health is the best it can possibly be. Understanding the chemical processes in our bodies and the nutritional needs of these processes can be a step toward better health and longer life.

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