Liberty Alert: Ruination Is Obama’s Plan

Latest From Wayne Allyn Root July 5, 2012
The Obama Plan Is Working Just ‘Fine’ The Obama Plan Is Working Just ‘Fine’ »
When President Barack Obama said everything is going “fine” with the private sector, what he actually meant is that everything is going according to his plan. Obama’s plan has always been to ruin the private sector. Our economy is in free fall. Wayne Allyn Root says the private sector cannot survive four more years of Obama. More »
Outside The Asylum
Moving At The Speed Of Government Moving At The Speed Of Government »
Now that Obamacare is the law of the land (at least for the time being), the Federal government has for the first time acquired the authority to penalize (er… tax) the citizenry for behavior the government deems unhealthy.  More »
Personal Liberty News
Congress Should Read Before Voting Congress Should Read Before Voting »
Would you recommend to a friend a book you hadn’t read? This is akin to what many members of Congress do every time they vote, albeit which much more dire circumstances than suggesting a poorly written novel to a friend.  More »
Here’s a Special Message From
Our Friend David Horowitz
Discover The TEN REASONS To Impeach The Most Incompetent Attorney General Of All Time…
Written by former Justice Department lawyer and whistle-blower J. Christian Adams, “Ten Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder” reveals a Justice Department under siege from within. Get Armed With The Facts!
Governor Christie Calls Reporter An ‘Idiot’ Governor Christie Calls Reporter An ‘Idiot’ »
This summer is setting record high temperatures, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is experiencing a different kind of heat. During a press conference Saturday, the Governor asked a reporter, “Are you stupid?” More »
New Poll: Americans Believe Obama Can Handle Aliens New Poll: Americans Believe Obama Can Handle Aliens »
Most U.S. citizens believe President Barack Obama has what it takes to protect us from aliens: the little green ones, that is. According to the poll, 65 percent believe Obama could handle an alien invasion. More »
All Frogs Praise Allah All Frogs Praise Allah »
Egypt’s highest fatwa council has issued its first fatwa under new rule to ban Muslims from killing frogs. A fatwa is a juristic ruling concerning Islamic law. Specifically, the fatwa reportedly orders that Muslims may not kill frogs to sell to Nations where they are eaten.  More »
Book Review
Classified Woman, By Sibel Edmonds

Just days after the 9/11 attacks, the FBI contacted Sibel Edmonds, who had applied for a part-time position with the agency in 1997 but had heard little from it since, about a job with the agency.

The bureau needed translators, she was told, in Middle Eastern and Asian languages like Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, Pashtun, Urdu, Uzbek, etc. There were tens of thousands of leads and pieces of evidence awaiting translation before the FBI could act on them. Thousands of pieces of raw intelligence were pouring in daily, but it was all in foreign languages; a dearth of translators was hindering the FBI’s investigation into the attacks. More »


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