Is Your Survival Medicine Cabinet Up to Speed?

For several years, the standard, stock-in-trade medical handbooks for survivalists and preppers have been Where There Is No Doctor and The Special Forces Medical Handbook, both known as the manuals for all things survival medicine. These books are great resources and deserve their spots on the bookshelf. However, there’s another book out there that is giving these guys a run for their money, and the authors of this 400+ page work join host Bill Heid on Off the Grid Radio today to bring some very important lessons and information to our listeners.

Dr. Joseph Alton and his lovely wife, Amy Alton, a certified nurse practitioner, have been part of the medical community for years. They are also Master Gardeners and preppers, and they have teamed up to produce the #1 bestselling book The Doom and Bloom(TM)Survival Medicine Handbook, a guide to staying healthy is situations where help is NOT on the way.

Today’s radio show will bring such interesting tidbits as natural healing agents for wounds and burns, the best natural cure for an ear infection, off-grid diabetic management, the length of potency for meds, and a surprising source for purchasing stockpiles of medicines for human consumption.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are medical preparedness experts who work towards formulating strategies to stay healthy that include traditional medicine, alternative remedies, and medicinal/survival gardening. If you have any concerns or questions about your survival medicine cabinet, then you won’t want to miss today’s episode of Off the Grid Radio.

Click Here To Listen To The Interview Now!

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