Diversify Your Website Traffic Sources

Diversify Your Website Traffic Sources

This is going to sound strange coming from an SEO professional, but organic SEO alone isn’t enough when it comes to developing an online marketing campaign. While SEO is incredibly important for online success, it is only one piece of the online marketing pie that a website needs to invest in if it wants to build a strong brand and grow as a business. It is important that a website diversify its traffic sources in order to ensure long term success online; relying 100% on the search engines leaves your site in a vulnerable position.



The SEO Value of Ecommerce Customer Reviews

Being able to target “[product name] review” on a product page is a great way to go after long tail keywords and attract a more targeted visitor. Someone looking for reviews about a particular product is probably looking to make a purchasing decision fairly soon. They have narrowed their search down to a specific product (Nike Free Run Women’s Shoes vs. Women’s Shoes”) and are looking for specific information about it. They want to know what other people think about the product and if it’s worth purchasing-online shopping is becoming very social and reading peer reviews has become an integral component of the experience. Having those customer reviews on your site will get your site ranking for product review related searches and bring that customer to your site where they are more likely to convert then someone just searching for “women’s shoes.”



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