A Business Owner’s Angry Response To Obama »

A Business Owner’s Angry Response To Obama A Business Owner’s Angry Response To Obama »
Wayne Allyn Root responds to President Barack Obama’s recent assertion that government, not entrepreneurs, is responsible for business success in the United States. Root says that the President’s most recent anti-business remarks are simply an act of the Marxist-in-Chief coming out of the closet. More »
Outside The Asylum
Obama Didn't Build That Obama Didn’t Build That »
Pity the poor small businessman. Up and at ’em in the predawn hours, seven days a week, desperately balancing family with work, he pilots his fragile dream through the storm-tossed waters of President Barack Obama’s economy. And the President wants to take it all away. More »
Good Books For Liberty Good Books For Liberty »
The Library of Congress is currently celebrating books that it deems have been instrumental in shaping the American mystique with a list of 88 titles and an exhibit in Washington, D.C. Surprisingly, given that the list was compiled by an entity of the Federal government, there are also a few titles that all liberty-loving Americans should have in their libraries. More »

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