Eating before or after a workout

Eating before or after a workout
The rules seem straightforward, eat and grow, right? Every week there’s a new article with the same information scrambled around. You end up confused and in the spin cycle. Why can’t it just be easy and straightforward? It’s time to lay out the 6 easy rules you need to follow. Read Full Article >>>
Working out with pain or injury
There is no better feeling than starting to exercise. You are amped to see your results. Unfortunately, all of that excitement may lead to injury. What do you do? Should you stop exercising if you have pain? How about an injury? We all know what the old football coach would say. However, let’s see what science has to offer. Read Full Article >>>
The Power of Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt is sweeping the nation. Yogurt lovers have found an all new form to love. Is it really worth it? Why is everyone raving about this? Greek yogurt is gaining ground as the favored form of yogurt. It’s time to get your greek on! Read Full Article >>>
5 moves for great pecs
Five moves and it’s then time to hit the showers. A rock hard chest requires the right moves and big weights. The big weights will come with time. Remember to bring your best every time you step in the gym! Let’s get started with the workout routine. Read Full Article >>>
New Product: Athlete’s Joint Restore
Formulated for athletes who put more stress on their joints and demand more than the average person with joint pain. Twice as effective as Glucosamine + Chondoitin supplements, and contains four clinically studied ingredients. 90% of users who try Athlete’s Joint Restore rate it more effective than anything else they have tried.Check out the reviews being left on Supplement Reviews about Athletes Joint Restore.

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