Liberty Alert: Government Lies, Big Pharma Profits

Latest From Bob Livingston August 6, 2012
Pigs, Birds And Seals: The Next Great Pandemic Pigs, Birds And Seals: The Next Great Pandemic »
Flu vaccines are a boondoggle on the public and a treasure trove for Big Pharma. But worse than a boondoggle, vaccines in general are dangers to human health. Pharmaceutical researchers, doctors, scientists and world health experts know this — and have for years. More »
On Your Own
Exploiting A Tragedy To Take Your Rights Exploiting A Tragedy To Take Your Rights »
I think the shootings that happened in Aurora, Colo., were tragic. It is always inexcusable to take the lives of innocent people. What’s also inexcusable is to use those lost lives for political gain, which is what we’re probably going to see over the next few weeks. More »
Personal Liberty News
Media Covers Kiss-In, Ignores Success Of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Media Covers Kiss-In, Ignores Success Of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day »
A lack of media coverage of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day has some people thinking the mainstream media are chicken. While many outlets did cover the event, it was not given adequate treatment in several publications. At least not as much as the “kiss-in” that took place Friday. More »
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Breaking: Heat So Intense Greens' Brains Melt Breaking: Heat So Intense Greens’ Brains Melt »
Unfortunately, global warming skeptics are going to have to fully accept the climate change theories of Al Gore and the like. The definitive evidence is in: Global warming is real. More »
TSA Above Justice TSA Above Justice »
While a Transportation Security Administration agent can foist inconvenient and uncomfortable demands on travelers, the agency has, without explanation, failed to comply with an order from the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for more than a year.  More »
The Return Of The Teleprompter The Return Of The Teleprompter »
In July it was announced that President Barack Obama would be weaned off his teleprompter — or, as some call it, TOTUS. It was an attempt to get him to speak “more extemporaneously.” But the President reverted to his old method during a recent stop in Florida, a State that will be important in November. More »
Commenter’s Corner
Commenting on Message To Obama: You Owe Us!,
Howard Roark says:
August 02, 2012 at 10:07 am

To save the Nation we must concentrate on wealth producing jobs. (not all jobs produce wealth)Real wealth is created in three basic ways. 1. Farming (includes agriculture and aqua culture) 2. Mining (incluides oil abd natural gas) and 3. Manufacturing. 

The miner gets paid and buys a house (wealth producing) gets a haircut (not wealth producing) etc. You see trickle down economics has been working well throughout the history of man. 

Lets look at Nevada. we have all three wealth producing activities here. the State produces enough real wealth so that our citizens can live our lives, plus pay all of our various taxes. (city, county, state and federal) Now lets look at the federal Govt. All around the country you have Military bases.military shipyards, depos etc. these activities do not produce wealth. they are in fact liabilities. Now lets look at the District of Columbia (ten miles square) their major product is Politicians and Government workers, both liabilities. They could make money by charging to see the various monuments. (monuments they would not have if the States did not srnd the money to build them

Governments do not produce wealth. they never have and they never will. Governments consume wealth. How many times have you heard one of the clowns from the Fed. Govt. say how the Fed. Govt is going to help someone. The truth is that they can not even help themselves say nothing about helping someone else. the truth is that Government can not help anyone because they do not have anything. the only way the Govt can help a citizen is to steal the mony from another citizen. 

If the States stopped sending money to the Federal Government the Fed. Govt. would dry up and blow away.The States can exist without the Fed. Govt. but the Fed Govt. can not exist without the States.


 More »


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