Liberty Alert: Small Doses Of Martial Law

Latest From Bob Livingston August 13, 2012


America's Newest Vaccination America’s Newest Vaccination »
In medicine under the germ theory of disease, vaccinations are supposed to provide immunity by introducing the disease to the body in small doses, allowing the body to build up its “germ-fighting” abilities. That theory is now being employed on Americans in another way. More »
On Your Own
Intensive Vegetable Gardening In Small Spaces Intensive Vegetable Gardening In Small Spaces »
Are you interested in gardening, but you have limited space? Don’t despair; get creative. With imagination and determination, you can find ways to grow vegetables even in the smallest of spaces. More »
Personal Liberty News
Washington, D.C.: The Economy Is Great Washington, D.C.: The Economy Is Great »
An extensive study conducted by Gallup offers a not-so-subtle clue as to why the U.S. economy is in dire straits: The people running the show are the only ones in the entire Nation who believe government’s economic policies are making things better. More »
Here’s a Special Message From
Our Friends at Stansberry & Associates
What’s the REAL problem
with America today?Conservatives blame the Leftist media for America’s ills. Liberals blame the greedy Right.

The 99% blames the 1%. The 1% says, “don’t look at us,” Congress makes the rules. Arizonans blame Mexicans. Christians blame Muslims… and gays.

But that’s all just smoke and mirrors…

No one has the guts to talk about America’s REAL true problem. Get the facts, and the answer, here…

NYPD Adopts Total Surveillance NYPD Adopts Total Surveillance »
Since the 9/11 attacks, the New York Police Department has become an increasingly creepy apparatus of nanny-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s vision of a utopian surveillance state. Officials are proud of it, and they’re upping the ante. More »
Pitchfork-Wielding Virginia Farmers Protest Bureaucrats Pitchfork-Wielding Virginia Farmers Protest Bureaucrats »
Thomas Jefferson envisioned America as a Nation that would thrive indefinitely if it stayed true to its agrarian beginnings. What he didn’t expect (likely no Founding Father did) was how bureaucrats would one day do everything in their power to hurt American farmers. More »
Pump Iron To Prevent Diabetes Pump Iron To Prevent Diabetes »
By simply taking a half hour out of your day for resistance exercise and working a brisk walk or run into your busy schedule, you can greatly reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. More »

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