Modified Citrus Pectin Makes Chemo Safer and Stronger


Chemotherapy can be hard to tolerate, but studies show that in combination with MCP,
lower doses can have stronger anti-cancer effects!



When it comes to cancer prevention and treatment, a strategic combination of diverse approaches might mean the difference between life and death. In fact, new research published in the journal Cell Biology International suggests just that.


The study analyzed a combination of Modified Citrus Pectin and the chemotherapy drug Doxorubicin, and found that using the two compounds together dramatically increased their anti-cancer effects… 


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 Dr. Eliaz Recommends 

odified Citrus Pectin


Whether you’re looking for long-term cellular health or effective natural immune support, my top recommendation isModified Citrus Pectin. This natural compound is derived from the peel pith of citrus fruit and modified to meet specific molecular characteristics for optimal absorption and activity throughout the body.  MCP directly promotes healthy cells by binding to and blocking health-robbing galectin-3 molecules, while simultaneously supporting immune function. It has also been shown in clinical studies to remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, without affecting essential minerals. Modified Citrus Pectin is a highly effective nutraceutical with ongoing research demonstrating its ability to protect and promote numerous areas of health, naturally. 


 To learn more, click here.


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