Liberty Alert: Romney Cannot Save U.S.

Mitt Romney Won't Bring Back Norman Rockwell Mitt Romney Won’t Bring Back Norman Rockwell »
Renewal in America is a central theme of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s platform. However, if he’s elected, Romney will be just the latest President to preside over the United States’ grand decline, which began decades ago. More »
Freedom Watch
Armed Weather Forecasters Armed Weather Forecasters »
Weather forecasting must be dangerous work. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is buying bullets and paper targets — and lots of them. It’s ordering a total of 42,000 rounds of ammo. More »
Personal Liberty News
Is U.S.-Agitated WWIII On The Horizon? Is U.S.-Agitated WWIII On The Horizon? »
As the Federal government has been busy indicting American citizens as possible enemies of the State, entities that have proven to have a disdain for the United States have crept frighteningly near unnoticed. More »
Here’s a Special Message From
Our Friend Allen West
Help defend Allen West against attacks from
George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, and national liberals. 

2,362 Millionaires Received Unemployment 2,362 Millionaires Received Unemployment »
A report released by the Congressional Research Service reveals that 2,362 millionaires received unemployment benefits in 2009. In total, the unemployed millionaires collected more than $20 million in benefits. More »
The Attack On Privacy Empowered By Facebook Continues The Attack On Privacy Empowered By Facebook Continues »
Your Facebook photos could get you a good deal when shopping. Facedeals, a program that recognizes patrons as they walk in the store, could be used by some businesses to offer special discounts to those who choose to participate.  More »
Common Herb Proves More Effective On Acne Than Popular Treatment Common Herb Proves More Effective On Acne Than Popular Treatment »
Acne treatments can be harsh, drying and irritating, and often don’t live up to our expectations to eradicate embarrassing pimples and bumps. Mother Nature has stepped up to the plate with a natural solution. More »
Political Cartoon
Romney Picks Ryan

Gary McCoy, Cagle Cartoons

 More »

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