Let’s Keep Them Running Scared

Dear Patriot,
In his speech at the Democrat National Convention Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid paid us what is perhaps the best complement we could have received when he said “we need to stop the Tea Party”.  Reid is upset that we have steered the dialog away from “compromise” and prevented him from raising taxes so he and his kind could spend more than they already do. He longs for the days gone by when he could unilaterally push the agenda of special interests and crony capitalism at the expense of the American people.
We will be launching over the next few weeks what will be the most aggressive get out the vote campaign in the history of conservative politics. We know that we will not win unless we can get our people to the polls in record numbers. Our focus will be in key states like Indiana, Nevada, Florida, Ohio and many more. We are going to fire Harry Reid as the Majority Leader of the Senate and make Barack Obama a one term President!
Now for the hard part. In order for us to be effective, we need to raise an unprecedented amount of funding in order to make this happen. Our nation needs you to find the same resolve that our Founding Fathers had when they risked their lives and fortunes to give us our Republic that is now in peril. You can do your part with a donation of what you can afford -Here-
Our funding does not come from billionaires, unions or well funded special interest groups. It is the support of everyday mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers that has given “We the People” the voice that Harry Reid and President Obama so fear.
We are offering the first 75 Patriots who donate more than $250 a free copy of the book “Hope and Change, an American Tragedy”  written by Marie France Law. Marie legally immigrated from France many years ago to escape the march to socialism in her home country. She wrote the book because she sees the same thing happening here. The picture above is from her book.
Tell Harry Reid and Barack Obama; “Hell yes I support the Tea Party”and send the message that we will no longer let them get away will selling out the American dream. What happens next is up to us and I know I can count on your support.
Click the image below and donate what you can so our grandchildren and great grandchildren will remember that our generation refused to let the American dream die for them.

Your vote will be registered when you click.

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