Government Bullies

Every day the government gets more and more into your life and business. Whether it is the EPA telling you not to move dirt on your own land, to the TSA saying you can’t get on an airplane without a government agent groping you, it is out of control.

My new book Government Bullies exposes the abuses of our government by telling the stories of ordinary Americans and their run-ins with the long arm of government.

I hope you will read this book. I hope it will make you even more fired up to fight for the cause of Liberty. I know that’s how I felt when I wrote it.

You and I can fight back. Exposing the horror stories is always the first step. The more Americans read this book, the more they hear these stories of Government Bullies, the more people we will have on our side in this battle.

So please take a look at the book today. You can buy it HERE.

Tell your friends about it. Help spread the word of what out of control government regulators are doing to our freedom and our economy.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S. The book is available through here


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