Take Back America

Dear Patriot,
The fact that President Obama is leading Mitt Romney in some polls is both troublesome and an indication of how important our work is to inform voters that they are being fed a pack of lies.We have reached a tipping point in our nation’s history where too many have lost the American dream of building a better life for themselves and instead think that government can make their lives better. There is still hope for our children but we need to give it everything we have.

I know that you have worked hard your entire life on the belief that anything was possible if you put enough effort into making it happen. President Obama is spreading the message that, “reelect me and I will take the money rich people have earned and give you a little of it”. This is not only against the American ideal, it will destroy the most vibrant economy in the history of civilization. When the producers lose their incentive to produce, there will be nothing left for the takers.

It would have been hard for me to imagine just a few years ago that I would be saying that America is in grave peril if we do not change course by electing the right people in November. We are used to the ups and downs of politics but I never believed that the very core of our great nation would be threatened as it is now. Some of the blame rests with each of us because we trusted that our elected officials, while they might have disagreed on how to solve issues, believed in a strong America. It is now crystal clear that we were wrong and it is up to us to change it.

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I will never pretend to understand the minds of those who think that government is the solution to our problems. Government interference in our free market system has placed us at the edge of bankruptcy yet they keep telling us they need more power. As economist Milton Friedman said: “If you place the Federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there will be a sand shortage”. It is not the fault of individual government workers, it is simply a fact that government by its nature is inefficient and without a profit motivation, there is no reason to do the job well. Why would we ever want to give them more power?

We at TheTeaParty.net are doing everything possible to spread the message that we can save America from destruction by informing people of the facts. We are building an incredible get out the vote campaign to make sure those who see the truth will head to the polls in record numbers and defeat this leftist march. Modern realities mean that this effort is expensive. Media, mailings and Internet activism comes at a steep price and we need your support to make it happen.

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“Failure is not an option” because if we fail, the America which we have been blessed to live will fail. President Obama, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Waters, Dick Durban, Nancy Pelosi and those like them have made it clear what kind of country they want us to become. My words to them are “I will not allow you to destroy my America that so many generations have given their lives to defend without a fight”. I know I can count on your support and thank you for your patriotism and desire to defend the God given liberties we have been given.

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Thank you,


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