We Will Not Back Down


Dear Patriot,
The Tea Party
To many of us the Tea Party is more than a political movement, it is a calling.   I have talked with thousands of fellow Tea Party members who were motivated to action, by the feelings of rage and frustration about politics and Washington. I have spoken with enough of you to know that most of you share the paternal(and maternal) instinct that our kids are in danger and the determination to fight for their future.

I tell you all of this because the Tea Party movement that I have devoted my life to, is being threatened by the insidious propaganda of the establishment and their lapdogs in the media!

When I used to tell people outside of my political circle of friends that I was a proud member of the Tea Party most of them would light up.  It was usually something like, “good, we need somebody to take care of those crooks!”  Now when I tell people about my political affiliation, more and more of them respond with a look of suspicion or even outright hostility!

The same bastards who have devastated our economy are now using their power and their positions in the media to spread devastating lies about the honorable patriots that I am blessed to have stood beside during my Tea Party journey.  We cannot let these lies destroy what so many, have worked so hard to create!

We have been actively promoting the truth about our movement with ads and events for nearly four years now. Combating the malicious attacks both from the left and at times from the Republican establishment is never easy but we know we have the truth behind us and we will never back down.

To all of you who have already made a generous contribution, our team is grateful for your generosity in these difficult times. Your sacrifice gives us the resources we need to fight for this movement that we love!

If you haven’t made a contribution yet, please let me make one last attempt to briefly share the importance of this campaign before our team fails to reach an important goal for the first time.

If we fail to expose the distortions being spread about who we are, we will become unable to recruit new patriots to our cause.  In politics a movement that is not growing, is dying.  America cannot afford to lose the only voice of sanity in politics — the Tea Party!

This email will reach more than 400,000 people and we know that not everyone is in a place that they can make a contribution.  We have made some incredible accomplishments together, please don’t let us fail in this campaign by making a contribution today, whether it is $5 or $5,000, your help will make the difference! 

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Thank You,


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