Do You Believe in Wealth Redistribution

Dear Patriot,
constitutional destruction
Those of us who have been sounding the alarm about big government intrusion into the lives of everyday Americans for the last four years were not surprised when videos underscoring President Obama’s philosophy regarding the redistribution of wealth surfaced yesterday. The mantra of “collectivism” is to take from those who earn and buy votes from those who don’t. This IS the Obama doctrine!

If this President is given another four years in office, the result will be an America that our founders would not recognize and one they repeatedly warned us could happen if “We the People” ever failed to hold our elected officials accountable. We have a very short window between today and November 6th to stop President Obama and his leftist allies from destroying the very fabric of our nation.

We honor the trust that you have placed in us, knowing that there are many good organizations competing for your hard earned dollars. I am so proud of our team which is comprised of the most hard working and committed patriots I have ever had the honor of working with. Your support is allowing these amazingly talented people to truly raise the voice of the people to combat the corruption in Washington DC.

We have launched what will be the most aggressive get out the vote campaign in the history of conservative politics. We know that we will not win unless we can get our people to the polls in record numbers. Our focus will be in key states like Indiana, Nevada, Florida, Ohio and many more. We are going to fire Harry Reid as the Majority Leader of the Senate and make Barack Obama a one term President!

The hard part for us is asking for help to fund this critical program. In order for us to be effective, we need to raise an unprecedented amount of funding in order to make this happen. Our nation needs you to find the same resolve that our Founding Fathers had when they risked their lives and fortunes to give us our Republic that is now in peril. You can do your part with a donation of what you can afford -Here-

Our funding does not come from billionaires, unions or well funded special interest groups. It is the support of everyday mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers that has given “We the People” the voice that Harry Reid and President Obama so fear.

Tell America; “Hell yes I support the Tea Party” and send the message that we will no longer let them get away will selling out the American dream. What happens next is up to us and I know I can count on your support.


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