“The Future of Money”

“The Future of Money”
How can Americans prepare for a global economic event which has never before happened in world history?

According to economist and author Craig R. Smith today we face an international currency collapse, unless U.S. leadership takes at least one of three steps…

1) We return to a gold standard to back up the U.S. dollar, reestablishing its store of value.
2) We immediately raise interest rates to 10% or above to discourage debt and encourage saving.
3) We immediately pass a balanced budget amendment and return to fiscal sanity in Washington.

Sadly, all three options appear extremely unlikely any time soon. Why? “Because good politics and good economics usually do not mix,” says Mr. Smith.

After writing four important books accurately forecasting the future of Gold, Oil, the Dollar and Inflation, in this confidential interview Craig and I discuss the core issues covered in his upcoming book and his vision to prepare Americans now.

Using 1,000 years of economic and political history as a backdrop, Mr. Smith explains in simple terms where we are, how we got here, and most importantly how to prepare for what is coming next. (Get your free copy now!)

Here is a quick introduction to understanding “The Future of Money” …

Fed Races to Debase Dollar and Spark Inflation Wildfire! 

Last week, three days before the Federal Reserve pulled the trigger on their new “open checkbook” money creation policy, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto asked this question: “Who benefits from another round of stimulus by the Fed?”

“Could Fed easing help President Obama and hurt Mitt Romney?” (Remember, Romney has announced plans to replace Ben Bernanke)

Mr. Smith told Fox News another round of Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) stimulus will not do anything different than the last two rounds of Q.E., except to inflate the stock market temporarily and perhaps Obama’s approval ratings.

According to Smith, “We do not have a liquidity issue today, we have a confidence issue. American workers and investors have lost confidence in leadership and wonder if their job is secure, or if their taxes are about to rise dramatically in 2013.”

The Fed tipped their hand!

By voting themselves an open checkbook to create more liquidity to prop up the U.S. economy – including both the stock and housing markets – The Federal Reserve has clearly demonstrated to the world they are more frightened about rising deflation (which benefits savers) than about rising inflation (which punishes savers, retirees, etc.)

2012 is not 1979 all over again – it’s worse! At least during the last painful bout of inflation during 1979-80, savers and investors could protect against out-of-control 15%+ inflation rates by buying T-bills or CDs which paid 16%+, slightly outrunning the rocketing cost of living.

Not so today. Owning T-Bills or CDs today is like owning a “Certificate of Debasement”. With negative returns promised by the Fed until 2015, what are savvy savers to do? This was the subject of Mr. Smith’s last book, The Inflation Deception.

We must learn from economic history, or be doomed to repeat it. In preparation for the release of Mr. Smith’s fifth book this fall, I challenge Personal Liberty readers to listen to “The Future of Money” (Get your free copy now!)

Why Politicians Want Double-Digit Inflation in 2013!

Today America is the largest debtor nation in the world, which explains WHY the government wants more inflation and now views a currency collapse as its best option to help extinguish our $16 trillion in official debt and the $120 Trillion in U.S. long-term liabilities!

In 1998, we faced the Long Term Capital Management crisis. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan reacted by dropping interest rates, paving the way for the dot-com bubble of 2000 and housing bubble of 2003-2006.

Today Bernanke and Obama are following the same Fed playbook – near zero interest rates coupled with out-of-control government spending – the very policies which brought us 15% inflation rates in 1980!

Sadly, the U.S. government actually wants inflation rates to rise because it benefits debtors (and punishes savers).

A “New World Order” Based Upon Wealth Redistribution

“The federal government,” Franklin Roosevelt declared during the 1932 election, “must assume responsibility for the welfare of the nation. It must assist business and labor in the development of an economic constitutional order based upon a fair distribution of wealth, in which every working person would be guaranteed the right to make a comfortable living.”

Sound familiar? No wonder FDR is Obama and Bernanke’s hero. All three are what the founders referred to as “friends of paper money.” BUT, the reality is that throwing fiat paper money at problems prolongs crisis and makes it worse! If we had stuck with free market economic policies we could have been out of the Great Depression by 1934, instead of nearly a decade later.

The notion of redistributing private capital from citizens is based on a false worldview. In 2012 Americans must demand a President who will defend our currency.

“Most American’s retirement funds and savings are denominated in U.S. dollars. Unless we make a 180-degree about face, this race to the bottom among paper currencies will lead to a global currency collapse,” according to Craig.

“The Future of Money” CD a must-hear! You’ll discover…

* What will a global currency collapse look like? Barter? E-Money?
* What must we learn from Chinese history about paper money systems?
* Why 1971 was such a watershed year in U.S. economic history?
* A Free Market approach to health care and social security reform?

Call 800-289-2646 now. I will make sure this hot new CD and 40-page White Paper is emailed or mailed to you today.

Register here for a FREE copy of “THE FUTURE OF MONEY” CD and “RE-MAKING MONEY: Ways to Restore America’s Optimistic Golden Era” White Paper!


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