Stick To The Script, Obama! »

Latest From Ben Crystal September 29, 2012


The Great EightStick To The Script, Obama! »
It’s all the same to Obama. Hillary: The right man for the job. And: Look who’s back! All this, plus, George Costanza to the rescue! Presented in 1080 hi-def, FOR FREE! It’s The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™More »
Personal Liberty News
The Movie That Could Defeat Obama The Movie That Could Defeat Obama »
We were running a little late when my wife and I headed to the movie theater last month to see the documentary “2016: Obama’s America.” But I told her not to worry, since there would be 10 to 15 minutes of commercials and previews before the show started. More »
Obama’s White Voter Gap Obama’s White Voter Gap »
Did you see the latest POLITICO poll just out this week? Mitt Romney has a 14-point lead among middle-class voters. This poll points to a problem rarely ever mentioned in the media. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have a big problem: a white voter gap. More »
Here’s a Special Message From
Our Friends at Stansberry & Associates
A wealthy Florida businessman says “yes.”

In fact, he says the REAL problem with America today is something few people have ever considered.

And he says you must understand this controversial idea if you want to protect yourself and your family.

You can read this unique and eye-opening analysis, free of charge,here…

Are middle class people ruining America?
The War With Islam The War With Islam »
Around and around we go. Violence and death of innocents on Islamic soil seems to be a perpetual phenomenon. The most recent round of senseless violence was said to have been sparked by the surfacing of a sophomoric YouTube video that pokes fun at Muhammad. More »
It’s Not Me; It’s You It’s Not Me; It’s You »
Dear Democratic Party,

We’ve been together for decades now. I’ve put up with your madness because I wanted to make it work. After all, we do share a home. But this just isn’t working out anymore. And I just wanted to let you know why. More »

Propagandizing The Masses Propagandizing The Masses »
Propaganda is the use of words and messages to mold the public mind to accept falsehoods as truths and divert the attention of the masses away from important subjects and toward those with little or no significance.  More »
Jesus’ Wife: What’s The Big Deal? Jesus’ Wife: What’s The Big Deal? »
In the eyes of some people, Jesus got married this week. Elated liberals and cantankerous conservatives both decided to attend the wedding. The media has been ablaze with commentary about a mysterious woman and the implications to Christianity. More »

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