Alabama Statistician Predicts Big Obama Win »

Latest From Wayne Allyn Root October 4, 2012


Obama’s Suicide Economy Obama’s Suicide Economy »
We’ve gone from the world’s greatest economic superpower to a Barack Obama economy where Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi claim food stamps and unemployment benefits are economic activity. And in our final death throes under Obama we’ve become “The Suicide Economy.”  More »
Outside The Asylum
Debating Reality Debating Reality »
As you read my musings today, keep in mind my deadline was Wednesday morning. So, I’ll guess instead. After all, if I’m miles off the mark, I can just do what Obama does and claim my perspective has “evolved.”  More »
Don’t Be A Racist, Vote Obama Don’t Be A Racist, Vote Obama »
If you don’t vote for President Barack Obama in November, you are clearly a hood-cladded bigot who hates black people, women, homosexuals, the poor, peace on Earth, immigrants and anyone who disagrees with or is different than you. More »
Here’s a Special Message From
Our Friends at Stansberry & Associates
According to his most recent tax filings, U.S. President Barack Obama collects an average of more than $72,780 PER MONTH in personal income… all thanks to one little-known income stream!

That’s more than DOUBLE his presidential pay.

Click here to see how he does it.

Will This News Change Your Opinion Of Obama?
Personal Liberty News
Alabama Statistician Predicts Big Obama Win Alabama Statistician Predicts Big Obama Win »
Alabama-based astrophysicist and statistician Wes Colley says that the Presidential race is already over and that President Barack Obama is well on his way to re-election. “I think the operative word is disaster if you’re a Republican,” Colley said on Monday.  More »
Kids Don’t Eat Vegetables, School Considers Surveillance Cameras Kids Don’t Eat Vegetables, School Considers Surveillance Cameras »
Students across the Nation have resisted new school lunch policies largely influenced by first lady Michelle Obama. A school system in Florida thinks they may have a solution to the problem: surveillance cameras. More »
Two-Thirds Of Studies Are Fraudulent Two-Thirds Of Studies Are Fraudulent »
A new study shows that studies can’t be trusted. Researchers found that nearly 70 percent of research articles have been retracted because of fraud. Fraudulent studies have increased nearly tenfold since the 1970s. More »
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Road Hazzard

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