Darkness Looms For U.S.

New Technologies Keep Us Strong New Technologies Keep Us Strong »
There’s a saying: When you lose the Internet, it’s like 1979; when you lose power, it’s like 1879. Technology has made steady, reliable power a necessity not only for individuals but for industry and governments as well.  More »
Outside The Asylum
It’s A Dirty Job It’s A Dirty Job »
Just about 36 hours after Governor Mitt Romney debated President Barack Obama, the Department of Labor released the September jobs report. To say Obama needed a win after face-planting in Denver is an understatement. The boys at the Bureau of Labor Statistics delivered for their boss. More »
Personal Liberty News
Political Science Professors Release New Model, Romney Wins Big Political Science Professors Release New Model, Romney Wins Big »
In August, political science professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry predicted that Mitt Romney would win the election. They have since produced an updated model that gives a new result: an even bigger win for Romney. More »
Here’s a Special Message From
Our Friend Kirk Cameron
American Vision
American Vision American Vision American Vision American Vision

Get your own personal copy of the Bible the Pilgrims brought with them on the Mayflower to America — the 1599 Geneva Bible. This is the same Bible that changed the world — literally — and was featured in my recent film, Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure. I have my own copy of this historic Bible sitting on my coffee table and love to read it to my family. The study notes are utterly unique, and are the same notes that inspired the Pilgrims to build a new nation! It’s been beautifully reproduced and I’d like to invite you to purchase one for your family through my new online store.

For the next 48 hours, I will send you a free copy of the Catechism on the Constitution (a brilliant way for your children to learn the Constitution) when you purchase any 1599 Geneva Bible from my store.

— Kirk Cameron

Dismal Winter Gas Prices May Be Coming Dismal Winter Gas Prices May Be Coming »
Gas prices on the West Coast hit record-breaking highs on Monday, averaging nearly $4.67 in much of California. Breaking records set in 2008, the recent surge in gasoline prices has been attributed to a series of pipeline and refinery problems that are slowing fuel production.  More »
Drones Can Refuel Midair Drones Can Refuel Midair »
New tests suggest that once a drone takes off, it may be a while before it has to land. The U.S. military has shown how drones can refuel while in the air. This ability has sparked discussions of so-called flying gas stations to be used over areas of combat in the future. More »
Pharmaceutically Induced Meningitis Outbreak Under Way Pharmaceutically Induced Meningitis Outbreak Under Way »
On Monday, health officials throughout the United States were working to identify victims of a rare form of meningitis spread to unsuspecting patients throughout the Nation by contaminated steroid injections. More »
Health Tips
The Nutrient-Density Line

Americans are nutritionally starved. As I told you last week, they are suffering from full-belly starvation.

A study of the accompanying chart shows clearly that the standard American diet (the lowest numbers) has very low nutrient density. Another very important point is that the low nutrient-density foods are the highest in calories. More »


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