The Tomato Lover\’s Christmas Kit

The Tomato Lover\’s Christmas Kit.


Got gardeners on your Christmas list? They’re probably impatiently awaiting their seed catalogs, which won’t arrive until at least January. We’ve got the perfect gift to tide them over! With our Tomato Lover’s Christmas Kit, they’ll be drooling from the get-go.

This one-of-a-kind tomato seed kit includes all the great heirloom varieties from last year’s catalog. Yes, this kit is loaded with tomatoes… 8 individual varieties, to be exact. But what would Christmas be without a few bonuses? That’s why we’ve also included a jumbo packet of our Christmas Slicing Mix seeds … plus two of the most sought after companion herbs. We didn’t stop there, though. We’re also including a $25 gift certificate. Everything comes in a beautiful Christmas gift box (no wrapping to do) and shipping is absolutely free.

Here’s everything you get in the value-packed Tomato Lover’s Christmas Kit:

Amish Paste Tomato: Plant These, and Save the Planet

Well, we exaggerate, but only a little. Amish Paste, at risk of extinction, has been designated as an Ark of Taste Food. By planting and eating this tomato, you’re helping to keep it in production. One of 2012’s favorites at our plant sale, this indeterminate tomato produces crack-free 8-12 oz fruits that are perfect for fresh eating or salads. But the real proof is in the paste; these tomatoes make a rich, hearty paste that will set a new benchmark for flavor. Amish Paste is an excellent processing tomato because it contains only a small amount of seeds. (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

German Pink Tomato: Last Year’s Hottest Selling Seed

This Bavarian variety gained its fame through the Seed Savers Exchange. This is a great all-purpose tomato, producing sweet and tender fruits up to 2 pounds. With a German Pink in one hand, and a saltshaker in the other, you’ll be in heaven! (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain) Tomato: Make Me A Sammich!

This is the king of all heirloom tomatoes, and rightfully so. This legendary beefsteak variety sets the standard for flavor by which all others are judged. We’re talking Garden-of-Eden flavor—sweet, juicy, rich—whether you use it in sandwiches, salads, salsas, or anything else. Your BLTs will never be the same again. (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

Cherokee Purple Tomato: Giving Brandywine Some Competition

These stocky, indeterminate plants produce loads of medium to large purple-black tomatoes. They have the rich and tangy—and dare we even suggest winy—flavor that makes purple tomatoes famous. Some gardeners report that it’s every bit as delicious as Brandywine. (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

Chocolate Cherry Tomato: The Guilt-Free Chocolate Cherry

Clusters upon clusters of sweet, delicious, irresistible gems! “This was my personal favorite of the 2012 growing season,” says Nick, the Seed Meister at Heirloom Solutions. “One of the most productive varieties I’ve ever grown and also one of the best tasting.” 1-inch fruits are free of cracks and blemishes and because they very rarely fall from the vine, there’s no hunting on the ground for them; pluck these jewels right off the plant. (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

Green Zebra Tomato: They’ll Be Green With Envy

With its distinctive green-on-green stripes, the Green Zebra is prized by chefs for its unique appearance. But its beauty is more than just skin deep. With an emerald green interior, and sweet, rich flavor, it’s fast becoming a market favorite … not to mention the envy of gardeners and gourmands everywhere. (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

Italian Roma Tomato: Fire Up the Dehydrator!

This famous paste and salad tomato also dehydrates beautifully. A long-time favorite for salads and processing. Determinate plants produce bunches of 4-ounce fruits all at once—and that means you can do all your canning at one time instead of waiting for the harvest to trickle in. (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

Tommy Toe Tomato: Little Size, Big Flavor

This indeterminate-vine variety produces gazillions of luscious, juicy 1” fruits. Don’t let the diminutive size fool you; each little fruit is bursting with intense flavor. It’s a consistent taste-test winner, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t have this cherry tomato. (100 seeds) $5 retail value.

Christmas Slicing Mixture: A Slice of Heaven

We put this massive packet of fresh seeds together just for this offer. This exclusive mix of slicing tomatoes contains: Ananas Noire, a flavorful gourmet tomato with a tie-dyed appearance; Gold Medal, a stunning gourmet tomato that ripens to a glowing red and yellow; Hungarian Heart, a meaty and productive oxheart-type; and Pruden’s Purple, a rich and juicy purple-black tomato. You won’t find gourmet flavor and selection like this anywhere else. (Jumbo packet of 500 seeds) $25 retail value.

Sweet Genovese Basil: Tomato’s Soul Mate

There’s something incomplete about tomatoes without basil. Sweet Genovese is the classic basil used for pesto as well as for tomato and basil salad. Plants produce lush amounts of aromatic leaves for fresh use or for drying. (1000 seeds) $5 retail value.

Cilantro: For A Little Cinco-de-Mayo Every Day

Great for salsas and salads, cilantro adds a festive fresh-from-the-garden kick to any dish. (Sombrero is optional.) Try mixing tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and mozzarella with some olive oil for one of the best salads you’ve ever had. (1000 seeds) $5 retail value.

A Gift Certificate for $25: Because We’re Not Mind Readers

It may not be polite to say so, but sometimes people like to choose their own gifts. The recipient of the Tomato Lover’s Christmas Kit will be thrilled that they get to round out their seed collection with varieties of their own choosing. This Gift Certificate is good for any 2013 seed purchase at $25 retail value.

When you consider the bushels and bushels of tomatoes the Tomato Lover’s Christmas Kit will produce, the retail value of $110 is a bargain. But it’s Christmas, for Pete’s sake, so we’ve slashed the price as our Christmas gift to you. We’re offering all these great heirloom varieties for only $49.95 … and we’ll ship it for free! Amateur and master gardeners alike will love this package. And we’d like to point out, too, that there’s no law that says you can’t give yourself a gift.

The number of Tomato Lover’s Christmas Kits is limited, so place your order today.
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